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keeping the books

reviewing the results of a two week landscape shoot

Uisken bay

If you have got a business you will have to do the books - or have someone do them for you. Even if you don't like all those numbers, calculations and statistics, you have to be able to understand the accounts, the trends and challenges. If not, you will be out of business pretty soon.

Of course a professional photographer has to know his business too, but that is not what this article is about. Keeping the books is a metaphor here for monitoring and evaluating the creative process (which is not the same as keeping the books creatively - ask the Enron people!). Although some work is involved, this is of great importance to the development of one's work. It has at least helped me to become a better photographer over the years.
As an example I haved used here my recent Scotland holidays, where I spent two weeks camping with my wife and 5 year old son.


Last year's conclusions

Input from others, especially participants of several forums (thanks!!).

This year's targets



Some numbers

Comments on equipment

Hit the targets?

new targets & strategies

New targets

How to get there?

Take a look at these portfolios of summmer 2003:

Loch Etive

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