Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Isle of Mull
the Ross of Mull and Iona

Uisken 1 Uisken 2 Uisken 3 Uisken 4

Uisken 5 Ardchiavaig 1 large Ardchiavaig 2

Ardchiavaig 3 Ardchiavaig 4 Ardchiavaig 5 Ardchiavaig 6 large

Uisken Bay

Loch Scridain

Carsaig Bunessan 1

Bunessan 2 Bunessan 3 Bunessan 4 large Bunessan 5

Fionnphort 1 Fionnphort 2

Iona 1 Iona 2 Iona 3

Iona 4 Iona 5 Iona 6 Iona 7

The main colour of the island is green. The area around Ben More (with 966 meter the islands only Munro) looks more severe and grey though. His majesty the Ben is often clothed with a cloudy crown around his head.
The western part of the Ross of Mull obviously consists of a different type of rock, as is shown by its distinctive red colour.

Especially in Ardmeanach the cliffs look terraced, testifying of their vulcanic origin. For those who don't mind a long walk (actually I do, having a 5 year old child as an happy excuse) there are some very interesting carbonated trees to be seen there as well.
Actually all of Mull looks like one large geology textbook illustration. Even for those who don't know much about geology (like me for example), the rocks and the differences between them are very interesting.