Wim van Velzen photography - landscape


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Rhyd-y-sarn Bronaber 1 Bronaber 2

I guess Wales is a gorgeous country. It is a shame my visit was far too short - just going through it on the way to and from Ireland. And even then just seen little because of the fog and rain, but of course that is supposed to be part of the fun.

The atmosphere is like and unlike Scotland and Ireland. There is more leaf tree forest, lots of mining and quarries, open or closed down. Place names are even harder to pick up than the Gaelic ones, which can be a pain on their own. The moment you deciphered the name on the shield, the way you wanted to go is long gone... But of course it adds to the atmosphere!

The number of water falls sure is enchanting, especially so because of the beautiful vegetation around. Don't leave the musquito repellents at home though...

I am sure I will return one day. What about autumn, when the trees grow mad with colours. And a course a trip with one of the many steam trains!