Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Gelderse Vallei

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The Gelderse Vallei, the Valley of Gelderland. In the Netherlands this is called a valley, because it is situated between the Utrecht hills and the Veluwe, with mountains up to a 100 metres! And it is about 20 kilometres wide...
Nevertheless, a beautiful piece of land. The place I grew up, where I cycled more kilometres and used more film per square kilometre than anywhere else.
Land of pastures, maize fields, pigsties and chicken dung. Land of tree lanes, scattered pieces of nature, wet moor land and severe agricultural pollution.

The part I come back time and again, the part that sums up all good aspects, is the Erica estate between Barneveld and Terschuur. Moor land, submerged pastureland, meandering burns. Cows, maize and pieces of forest, frogs, lizards and sundew. Great variety, nothing is geometrical, nature and farmers' lives have grown together.
Stately are the beech avenues beyond Stoutenburg. Enclosed farmhouses and shy roe deer. Why on earth did I move to town?

The sun clearing the morning haze, the young green shoots of maize, the colours of sunset. I watched this countless times, on my bike going to school or on my way to my parents' home. And I made so little photographs. And again I tell myself to go back and turn all those stunning images in my head into photographs.