Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Veluwe and Heuvelrug

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Veluwe and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The Dutch mountains - up to more than 100 metres! Sandy soil, as it geographically known. Once pushed aside by glacial pressure. Now vast forest and heather areas, intersected by innumerable roads, fences and barriers.

Poor soil offering little other than sheep breeding and some meagre crops. About 100 years ago it was an open area, apart from some estates with stately lanes.
Since then it has been used as forestry grounds, with dreary pines without any space to show their beauty. But fortunately the woodland gets more and more a chance to grow at their own. As long as one can make a stroll of course.

The ultimate hope is a forest where fences and roads are no longer obstacles. Where animals can go from the outer marches in the south to the beaches of the IJsselmeer in the north. Where grazing mammals form the landscape in a variety of woodland, open places and heather.
I hope it will be that way. It will never be original woodland again - but it could be very much like that!