Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Co. Mayo

Doo Lough Pass 1 Doo Lough Pass 2 Delphi

Keenagh Letterkeen Wood 1 Letterkeen Wood 2 large

Downpatrick Head 1 Downpatrick Head 2 Downpatrick Head 3 Downpatrick Head 4

Rosserk Abbey Murrisk

Compared to Clare and Galway there are few tourists in Mayo, adding to its charm. It is certainly not because of the beauty of the landscape. That is second to none of the Irish west.

The best part was the sandy road through Letterkeen Wood and the Nephin Beg Mountains. Seldom rain was so beautiful - really!

Though not as high as the Cliffs of Moher, Downpatrick Head is well worth a visit. The lonely peak was until Medieval times linked to the coast, but on a stormy night the part in between is swallowed up by the roaring waves. On top of the peak two farmhouses were still there.
It is a shame the story doesn't tell the way the farmers were brought to safety.
Nowadays only sea birds of all kinds live there, clearly visible without need of binoculars.
A bit eerie are the large fences, a hundred metres from the cliffs, around some holes in the ground. Since that stormy night the sea has been eating its way underground...