Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Leòdhas / Lewis

tuath agus ear / the North and East

Calanais 1 Calanais 2 Calanais 3 Calanais 4

Dùn Charlabhaigh 1 Dùn Charlabhaigh 2 Dùn Charlabhaigh 3 Dùn Charlabhaigh 4

Siabost Arnol 1 Arnol 2 Arnol 3 Arnol 4

Rubha Robhanais 1 Rubha Robhanais 2 Rubha Robhanais 3 Rubha Robhanais 4 Rubha Robhanais 5

Tolstadh 1 Tolstadh 2 Tolstadh 3 Tolstadh 4

Rathad a' Phentland 1 Rathad a' Phentland 2 Acha Mor 1

Acha Mor 2 Acha Mor 3 Acha Mor 4

Calanais, Dun Carloway, Arnol and Rubha Robhanais (Butt of Lewis) are all on the Northwestern part of Le˛dhas. This area is quite well populated and has many antiquities, like the famous Calanais Stones, Dùn Charlabhaigh broch and the Black House of Arnol.
Tolstadh is on the eastern part, a couple of miles North of Steòrnobagh. Acha Mor and Rathad a'Phentland (Pentland road) are in the almost deserted middle of the island.
In the second part of 'You must have a good marriage' I tell more about these islands and our travelling.