Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Co. Clare: the Coast

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Actually it is useless to make a division between the Burren and the adjacent coast. Nevertheless I did because of the number of photographs.

'If you don't like the weather, wait another five minutes.' This Irish saying has never been more true than here! New cloud formations come and go at an enormous speed. Splendid light moods arise in a few moments and change rapidly again. The rocks reflect in ever changing colours.

A very beautiful part of the Burren are the sand dunes between Fanore and Black Head. The area's single river, the Caher, meanders over the beach and makes its way to the sea. Around are steep dune slopes and flat lime stone slabs, ending in a sandy beach where flat rocks and salt water fight their fight.

Further west the coast gets higher and higher, the Cliffs of Moher being the climax. There the cliffs tower more than 200 metres above the Ocean. They are at their best when the evening light gives them a warm glow. Sea birds glide beneath in the air and bring home a fresh meal of fish for their screaming offspring.

The Aran Isles can be seen from the north coast Clare. When the weather is a bit hazy, one can easily think they are going to swim away any moment. Just like that dolphin by the way, which apart from its shoal enjoys to be accompanied by snorkelling sons of man.
As my wife said: 'So they do exist!'. Talking about the dolphin of course.